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Kiss that big electric bill good-bye

Tata Power Electricity Bill Payment Mumbai

NEW DELHI: National Payments Corp. of India (NPCI) on Tuesday announced tie-up of its subsidiary NPCI Bharat BillPay with power utility company Tata Power to provide the latter’s customers the facility of ClickPay.

Tata Power claims to be the first power company to go live on NPCI’s ClickPay. It will enable Tata Power customers to pay electricity bills with ease, NPCI said in its official statement.

“Tata Power (Mumbai) is the first electricity Biller to go live on NBBL ClickPay. NPCI has always been very thoughtful on the innovation front and comes up with new customer-friendly payment options. Looking forward to being a part of more such innovative projects from NPCI in future,” said Ramesh Subramanyam, Chief Finance Officer, Tata Power.

Under ClickPay, Tata Power will generate a payment link and send it to its customers to enable them to make easy bill payments. Customers will be able to use ClickPay service to make payments towards utility bills, EMIs, insurance premiums etc. The link will be generated by the biller and clicking on it redirects the customer to the payments page.

This convenient and secured two-step process will help customers pay the bills without the hassle of putting in the bill amount, remembering bill payment dates, and going through arduous steps to make a bill payment, NPCI said.

“This payment option will bring more convenience to 7+ lakh consumers of Tata Power (Mumbai) to pay their bills digitally with just the click of a button. This can help Tata Power to bring its customers from Offline realm to Online platform. We are thankful to NPCI for providing the opportunity to be a frontrunner utility,” said Nilesh Kane, Chief Distribution (Mumbai Operations) Tata Power.